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Section B 段落匹配

36-40 HECKF 41-45 IBGJD

36. Some career women who aim high tend to feel guilty if they feel to achieve their goals.

题干中的feel guilty是核心定位词,定位到H段,再检查题干其他信息是否也提及,比如career woman,aim high, achieve their goals, 这几点都在原文中有体现,故选H。

36.[H] Like Ms,Li,many women try to manage the added stress to reach what Dr Joyce said was an unattainable ideal “Some professional women aim to do it all. They want to reach the top of the corporate ladder and fly like super-mom,"she said. When women don’t reach his ideal , they feel guilty; and even more stressed.

37.The unpaid housework done by women is triple that done by men.

题干中triple三倍和unpaid housework是核心定位词,在原文定位到E段,triple改写成了three times,housework改写成了domestic work。

37.[E]The difference,however,is in the nature and scope of these responsibilities in the home environment in particular,“Dr. Joyce said. For example, the United Nations reported that nearly three times as much unpaid domestic work as men. The problem is, housework is often overlooked as work, even though it is often as laborious (or in some cases, more so) as any paid job.

38. It is reported that women consistently suffer more form severe stress than men.

题干里有对比man和woman的比较关系,再结合定位词severe stress 定位到C段。

38.[C]It's a common story- one we frequently ridicule and readily dismiss,for example,by claiming that women tend to complain more than men,despite the growing sum of research that underlines the problem. Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men, according to a 2016 study published in The Journal of Brain & Behavior. The American Psychological Association reports a gender gap year after year showing that women consistently report higher stress levels. Clearly, a stress gap exists.

39.Women are advised to identify the specific causes of their stress so that steps can be taken to deal with it.

题干的核心定位信息是找到压力的原因causes of their stress, 在K段可以好到相应的信息。

39.[K] Disconnecting from work and home responsibilities is also obviously important .But it's much easier said than done. It is important to understand what causes your stress in the first place.

40.One study showed that women managers often expressed positive emotions that they didn't really feel.

题干核心定位信息一个是women managers,一个是positive emotions,在F段可以找到对应信息,原文把positive emotions改写成optimism,剩下的they didn't really feel和原文not the emotions that they were actually feeling 对应。

40.[F] It's not just inside the home,though. Research from Nova Southeastern University found that female managers were more likely than male managers to display or forcing emotions that are not wholly felt.“They expressed optimism, calmness and empathy even when these were not the emotions that they were actually feeling,” the study said.

41.Women tend to mistake signs of heart attacks for symptoms of stress.

核心定位信息是heart attacks和symptoms of stress. 在I 段中出现了heart attack以及symptoms of stress, 最后确定整句话意思和原文是否合适。

41.[I] For example, women are more likely to experience disturbed sleep, anxiety and unusual fatigue before a heart attack. Stress is so normalized, it is easy for women to shrug off those symptoms as simply the consequences of stress. Many women also do not experience chest pain before a heart attack the way men do, which leads to fewer women discovering problematic heart issues.

42.For a time an app developer in America was so busy attending to work and family that she suffered from sleeplessness.


42.[B]Ms.Li said her stress led to sleeplessness. When she did sleep she experienced "problem-solving dreams”,which left her feeling unrested when she woke up. After I became a first -time mother,I quickly realized I was so busy caring for other people and work that I felt like I'd lost myself,” she said. “I’d put my own physical and mental needs on the back burner.”

43.The emotional labor women do is noticed only when it is not done.

题干核心定位词是emotional labor,定位到G段,本段最后和题干的意思哇安全对应上了。

43.[G] Surface acting is a prime example of "emotional labor "a concept that the writer Jess Zimmerman made familiar in a 2015 essay. The essays parked a massive thread on the Internet community blog Meta Filter , with hundreds of women speaking up about their own experience with emotional labor: the duties that are expected of you, but go unnoticed. These invisible duties become apparent only when you don’t do them.

44.Dr.Joyoe suggests that apart from self-care, women should seek professional support if they experience severe stress.

题干核心定位信息是professional support和self-care,定位到J段,professional support在本段最后一句。

44.[J]The concept of self-care is often confused with overindulging or treating yourself, but at its core, self-care is much simpler than that. “The basics of adequate sleep, healthy diet and exercise are a good place to start,” Dr. Joyce said. “Support from trusted relationships is vital, including professional support from various health and wellness providers if stress is becoming increasingly overwhelming.”

45.Some people believe that there may not exist a stress gap between men and women.

题干的核心信息是男人和女人之间没有stress gap, 意思是男人和女人感受到的压力没有差别。

45.[D]The difference is not really news to me,as a clinical psychologist said Erin Joyce,a women and couples therapist in Los Angeles. “It’s been well documented in our Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, for example, that prevalence rates for the majority of the anxiety disorders are higher in women than men.” Some people may argue that this is merely reported data, and they say that many men feel the same pressures as women in terms of fulfilling responsibilities at work and home. In other words, we’re all really, really stressed.





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