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  Passage 9

  People tend to be more impressed by evidence that seems to confirm some relationship. Thus many are convinced their dreams are prophetic(预言的)because a few have come true; they neglect of fail to notice the many that have not.

  Consider also the belief that “the phone always rings when I’m in the shower.” If it does ring while you are in the shower, the event will stand out and be remembered. If it doesn’t ring while you are in the shower, the event will stand out and be remembered. If it doesn’t ring, that nonevent probably won’t even register(留下印象)

  People want to see order, pattern and meaning in the world. Consider, for example, the common belief that things like personal misfortunes, plane crashes, and deaths “happen in threes.” Such beliefs stem from the tendency of people to allow the third event to define the time that counts as their “happening together” is one month; if three crashes occur in a year, the period of time is stretched. Flexible end points reinforce such beliefs.

  We also tend to believe what we want to believe. A majority of people thinks they are more intelligent, more fair-minded and more skilled behind the wheel of an automobile than the average person. Part of the reason we view ourselves so favorably is that we use criteria that work to our advantage. As economist Thomas Schelling explains, “Everybody ranks himself high in qualities he values: careful drivers give weight to care, skilled drivers give weight to skill, and those who are polite give weight to courtesy.” This way everyone ranks high on his own scale.

  Perhaps the most important mental habit we can learn is to be cautious(谨慎的)in drawing conclusions. The “evidence” of every day life is sometimes misleading.

  41. In the first paragraph the author states that_______

  A) dreams cannot be said to be prophetic even though a few have come true

  B) dreams are prophetic because some of them did come true

  C) dreams may come true if clearly remembered

  D) dreams and reality are closely related

  42. By “things like…” “happen in threes” (Para.3,Line2), the author indicates that people believe____________

  A) personal misfortunes tend to happen every now and then

  B) personal misfortunes, plane crashes, and deaths usually happen together

  C) misfortunes tend to occur according to certain patterns

  D) misfortunes will never occur more than three times to a person in his lifetime

  43. The word “courtesy” (Para.4,Line 6) probably means_________-

  A) good manners B) friendly relations

  C) appropriate speech D) satisfactory service

  44. What can be inferred from the passage?

  A) Happenings that go unnoticed deserve more attention

  B) In a series of misfortunes the third one is usually the most serious

  C) People tend to make use of evidence that supports their own beliefs.

  D) Believers of misfortunes happening in threes are cautious in interpreting events

  45. It can be concluded from the passage that________

  A) there is some truth even in the wildest dreams

  B) one should take notice of other people’s merits

  C) there is no order or pattern in world events

  D) we should not base our conclusions on accidental evidence

  Passage 9




  我们还倾向于相信我们想相信的事。大部分人认为他们自己比普通人更加聪明、更加有礼、驾驶技术更加高超。我们看待自己如此之优秀,部分的原因在于我们使用了对我们有利的衡量标准。正如经济学家Thomas Schelling所解释的那样,“每个人都在他最看重的方面给自己打高分:(43)小心谨慎的司机看重谨慎,技术高的司机看重技术,而斯文的人则看重礼貌”。这样每个人都在自己那方面很优秀。



  A) 梦不能被说成是可以预言现实的,哪怕有一些已变成了现实

  B) 梦是可以预言现实的,因为有一些梦的确变成现实了

  C) 只要记得清,梦是可以变为现实的    D)梦和现实紧密相联


  A) 个人不幸遭遇每时每刻都有可能发生

  B) 个人不幸遭遇、飞机失事与死亡通常都一起发生

  C) 不幸有时可能根据特定的时段发生

  D) 一个人一生不会遭遇三次以上的不幸


  A)礼貌  B)得体的讲话  C)友好的关系  D)令人满意的服务


  A)没有注意到的事应该引起更多的注意    B)在一系列中第三个通常最为严重




  A) 哪怕在最荒诞的梦里也有一些真实的东西

  B) 一个人应该注意到别人的优点

  C) 在世界上发生的事件没有顺序或是模式可言

  D) 我们不应以偶尔发生的迹象为基础得出结论



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