2021年6月大学英语四级冲刺模拟题 第十七套(含答案)

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  Directions : For this part , you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic: Sounds in three paragraphs You have been given the first sentence of each paragraph .You should write at least 100 words .


  1)The world is filled with many sounds _____________

  2)Some sounds are useful __________

  3)But some sounds are harmful _________

  Reading Comprehension ( 35 minutes )

  Directions : There are 4 passages in this part .Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements .For each of them there are four choices marked A) , B) , C) , D) . You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center .

  Question 21 to 35 are based on the following passage .

  The beat generation mainly referred to the youth who were born and brought up around the Second World War . They showed their disdain ( ) for almost everything traditional , such as government authority , respect for parents , one’s duty , moral standards , and traditional customs . They developed a kind of absolute individualism and liberty. They preferred long hair , minidresses or close-fitting clothes to show off the figure . They advocated freedom of sex and cohabitation ( ) . Their influence could be seen from the fact that about one third of the American couples living together were not married by law . And the divorce rate was very high . The endless U.S wars abroad and sharp class struggle at home caused many American youths to develop a kind of cynicism . They doubted the existing social system , possibility of harmonious human relations , and the long-honored standard for correct behavior . They felt society overlooked their needs . Therefore , they refused to do any duty that was required of them by society . They declared “Don’t believe anyone over thirty .” All this came from the sick society . It’s wrong to imagine they all fought against capitalism in support of revolutionary things . Some of their ideas were even more decadent () and impractical . It was an abnormal phenomenon in an abnormal society.

  21. Based on the passage , how many of one hundred and twenty American couples of the beat generation practiced cohabitation .

  A)about 20 couples B) about 40 couples C) about 60 couples D) about 30 couples

  22. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage ?

  A)The beat generation refused to do any duty

  B)The beat generation was in support of almost everything traditional .

  C)The beat generation believes no one except that he is over thirty .

  D)The beat generation’s ideas were not impractical .

  23. “Cynicism” in this passage most probably means ______.

  A)a state of mind against realism

  B) a state of mind doubting everything in existence.

  C)a theory advocating mutual help

  D)a theory advocating individualism

  24. The reason why the beat generation refused to cooperate with society was ____.

  A) they had no interest B) they found hard to cooperation with it

  C)the laws block their way to do so . D) they thought their need was neglected .

  25. This passage is mainly about _____.

  A)the young Americans B) the generation gap .

  C)the education of the young D) an American social phenomenon

  Question 26 to 30 are based on the following passage .

  Tress should only be pruned when there is a good and clear reason for doing so and , the number of such reasons is small . Pruning involves the cutting away of overgrown and unwanted branches , and the inexperienced gardener can be encouraged by the thought that more damage results from doing it unnecessarily than from the tree to grow in its own way .

  First , pruning may be done to make sure that trees have a desired shape or size . The object may be to get a tree of the right height , and at the same time to help the growth of small side branches , which will thicken its appearance or give it a special shape . Secondly , pruning may be done to make the tree heavier . You may cut out diseased or dead wood , or branches that are rubbing against each other and thus cause wounds . The health of a tree may be encouraged by removing branches that are blocking up the center and so preventing the free movement of air . One result of pruning is that an open wound is left on the tree and this provides an easy entry for disease , but it is a wound that will heal . Often there is a race between the healing and the disease as to whether the tree will live or die , so that there is a period when the tree is at risk . It should be the aim of every gardener to reduce that risk of death as far as possible . It is essential to make the area , which has been pruned smooth , and clean , for healing will be slowed down by roughness . You should allow the cut surface to dry for a few hours and then paint it with one of the substances available from garden shops especially for this purpose . Pruning is usually done in winter , for then you can see the shape of the tree clearly without interference from the leaves and also it is very unlikely that the cuts you make will bleed . If this does happen , it is , of course , impossible to paint them properly .

  26. Pruning should be done to _____.

  A)make the tree grow taller . B) does not protect them form the wind

  C)get rid of the small branches D) make the small branches thicker .

  27. Trees become unhealthy if the gardener_______

  A)allows too many branches to grow in the middle

  B)does not protect them from the wind

  C)forces them grow too quickly

  D)damages some of the small side branches.

  28 . Why is a special substance painted on the tree ?

  A)to make a wound smooth .

  B)to prevent disease entering a wound .

  C)to cover a rough surface .

  D) to help a wound to dry .

  29. A good gardener prunes tree ____

  A) at intervals throughout the year

  B) as quickly as possible

  C) occasionally when necessary

  D) regularly every winter

  30 . What was the author’s purpose when writing this passage ?

  A)to give practical instruction for pruning a tree

  B)to give a gardener description of pruning

  C)to explain how trees develop disease

  D)to discuss different methods of pruning

  Question 31 to 35 are based on the following passage .

  On Thursday afternoon Mrs.Carke , dressed for going out , took her handbag with her money and her key in it , pulled the door behind her to lock it and went to the over 60s Club . She always went there on Thursdays . It was a nice outing for an old woman who lived alone .

  At six o’clock she came home , let herself in and at once smelt cigarette smoke in her house ? How ? Had someone got in ? She checked the back door and the windows . All were locked or fastened , as usual . There was no sign of forced entry .

  Over a cup of tea she wondered whether someone might have a key that fitted her front door-“a master key” perhaps . So she stayed at home the following Thursday .Nothing happened . Was anyone watching her movements ? On the Thursday after that she went out at her usual time , dressed as usual , but she didn’t go to the club . Instead she took a short cut home again , letting herself in through her garden and the back door . She settled down to wait .

  It was just after four o’clock when the front door bell rang . Mrs.Clarke was making a cup of tea at the time . The bell rang again , and then she heard her letter-box being pushed open . With the kettle of boiling water in her hand , she moved quietly towards the front door . A long piece of wire appeared through the letter-box , and then a hand . The wire turned and caught around the knob on the door-lock Mrs.Clark raised the kettle and poured the water over the hand . These was a shout outside , and the skin seemed to drop off the fingers like a glove . The wire fell to the floor , the band was pulled back , and Mrs.Clarke heard the sound of running feet .

  31.Mrs.Clarke looked forward to Thursday because ___________.

  A)She worked at a club on Thursday

  B) She had visitors on Thursday

  C) She visited a club on Thursday

  D) a special visitor came on Thursday

  32. If someone had made a forced entry ______.

  A)Mrs. Clarke would have found a broken door or window .

  B)He or she was still in the house

  C)Things would have been thrown about

  D)He or she would have needed a master key

  33.On the third Thursday Mrs. Clarke went out _____.

  A)because she didn’t want to miss the club again

  B)to see if the thief was hanging about outside

  C)to the club but then changed her mind

  D)in an attempt to trick the thief

  34.The lock on the front door was one which _____.

  A)needed a piece of wire to open it

  B)could be opened from outside without a key

  C) couldn’t be opened without a key

  D) used a knob instead of a key

  35. The wire fell to the floor _______.

  A)because Mrs. Clarke refused to open the door

  B) when the man’s glove dropped off

  C) because it was too hot to hold

  D) because the man just wanted to get away

  Question 36 to 40 are based on the following passage .

  Disney World , Florida , is the biggest amusement resort in the world . It covers 24.4 thousand acres , and is twice the size of Manhattan .It was opened on October 1 , 1971 , five years later Walt Disney’s death , and it is a larger , slightly more ambitious version of Disneyland near Los Angeles . Foreigners tend to associate Walt Disney with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs , and with his other famous cartoon characters , Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck and Pluto , or with his nature films , whose superb photography is spoiled , in the opinion of some , by the vulgarity of the commentary and musical background .

  There is very little that could be called vulgar in Disney World . It attracts people of most taste and most income groups , and people of all ages , from toddlers to grandpas . There are two expensive hotels , a golf course , and forest trails for horseback riding and rivers for canoeing . But the central attraction of the resort is the Magic Kingdom .

  Between the huge parking lots and the Magic Kingdom lies a broad artificial lake . In the distance rise the towers of Cinderella’s Castle , which like every other building in the Kingdom is built of solid materials . Even getting to the Magic Kingdom’s is quite and adventure . You have a choice of transportation . You can either cross the lake on a replica of a Mississippi paddle-wheeler , or you can glide around the shore in a streamlined monorail train .

  When you reach the terminal , you walk straight into a little square which faces Main Street is late 19th century . There are modern shops inside the buildings ,but all the decades are of the period . There are hanging baskets full of red and white flowers , and there is no traffic except a horse-draw streetcar and an ancient double-decider bus . Yet as you walk through the magic Kingdom , you are actually walking on top of a network of underground roads . This is how the shops , restaurants and all the other material needs of the Magic Kingdom are invisibly supplied .

  36. In which year did Walt Disney die ?

  A)1971 B)1976 C)1966 D)1900

  37. The main attraction of Disney World is _____.

  A)the Severn Dwarfs B) Mickey Mouse C) Donald Duck D) The Magic World

  38. Reaching the Magic Kingdom is _______.

  A)Adventurous B) dangerous C) difficult D) easy

  39. When one visits the biggest amusement in the world , one will find _____.

  A)it is relatively cheap B) it is very expensive C) it just wastes his time D) it is vulgar

  40 .Why is Disney World the most famous amusement resort ?

  A)It is funny B) It is interesting C) It is the biggest one D) It is the most expensive

  Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes )

  Directions : There are 30 inco9mplete sentence in this part . For each sentence there are four choices marked A) , B) , C) , and D) . Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence . Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center .

  41. The number of _____ species increases every year as natural habitats disappear .

  A.dangerous B .serious C. endangered D. hazardous

  42. Aluminum as well as most metals _____.

  A.is a good conductor B. is a good insulator C. are good conductors D. are good insulators

  43. Outline are used most often to ______the contents of long complex papers before the actual writing begins .

  A.sketch B. illustrate C. draw D. describe

  44. There are ten on the list , so you are _______.

  A . an eleventh B . the eleventh C . an eleven D . eleven

  45. To get a high score ______.

  A . working hard is needed B . one must work hard .

  C . working hard is very important D . requirement is what needed

  46 . “ I’m tired , but let’s go” “ Why ____ rest a while ?”

  A.let’s B. not let’s C . not D . let’s not

  47. I shall never allow you to marry the poor girl and you are not may son if you _____.

  A . have B . married C . do not D . do

  48. He is _____ of a musician .

  A . anybody B. anyone C . somebody D . something

  49. William the Conqueror built the Tower of London to protect himself from_____ he had conquered .

  A . those B . each other C . them D . it

  50 . I probably know him _____ but not _____ .

  A . by the sight …By name B . by a sight … by name C . by sight … by name D . by the sight … by the name

  51 . I want an assistant with _____ little knowledge of French and ____ experience of office routine .

  A . the … a B . the … an C . a … the D . a … an

  52. She killed him not because she loved him less but ______.

  A . she loved the country more B . loved the country more

  C . loving the country more D. because she loved the country more

  53. Then _____ of that time when he was cowboy .

  A . Comes the memory B . came the memory C. the memory comes D . the memory came

  54. Busy ____ he is , he can fulfill the task ahead of schedule .

  A . because B . as C . no matter how D . although

  55. No sooner had he found his purse missing _____ he cried and shouted loudly .

  A . when B . than C . before D . while

  56 . Children , we have to _____ what we have now and it is for you to get better things in the future .

  A. make up for B . run away with C . do away with D . put up with

  57. Mr. Jack _____volleyball in the afternoon , but now his leg wounded , ____ in the evening .

  A . used to play … is used to taking a walk B . used to playing … is used to take a walk

  C . was used to playing … used to taking a walk D. was used to play … used to take a walk

  58. I wonder what the boy will ____ such a sum of money .

  A . do up B . do with C . do for D . do to

  59. Do you object _____with you tonight ?

  A . that B . for my staying C . to that I shall stay D . to my staying

  60. We must ____ the telegram arrived in time .

  A . secure B . assure C . ensure D . certify

  61. If only I _____ the books on the reading list before I attended the lecture .

  A . read B . have read C . had read D . could have read

  62. While crossing the mountain areas , all the men had guns for protection lest they _____by the local bandits .

  A . be attacked B . were attacked C . must be attacked D . would be attacked

  63 . He burned all the important documents ____ that they should fall into the enemy’s hands .

  A . unless B . for fear C . until D . so

  64. Up went the prices , ______.

  A . down the living standard come B . the living standard came down

  C . came down the living standard D . down came the living standard

  65. Although he is more serious _____ his studied than I am , my grades are better than his .

  A . with B . for C . about D . at

  66. People can _____ new ideas which nobody ever considered before .

  A . came into B . come up with C . come out D . come along with

  67.During their first teacher-training year , the students often visited local schools for the ____ of lessons .

  A. observation B. observance C. investigation D. inspection

  68. Old men sat on the park benches , waiting the village youths ____football .

  A. play B. playing C. to play D. played

  69. The science of medicine , _____ progress has been very rapid lately , is perhaps the most important of all science .

  A. to which B . with which C. in which D . among which

  70. They were just going to give up the question , _____ suddenly they found the answer .

  A. when B. after C. unless D. unless



  The world is filled with many sounds . Everyday we are surrounded by all kinds , such as music and noise .

  Some sounds are useful . Among these useful sound , music is very important . Music brings a lot of pleasure to us and makes our lives colorful . Of course , there are also other useful sounds . Such as whistles of police car which inform us to give way to emergency .

  But some sounds as harmful . For example , the noise made by the loudspeaker of a car can disturb our peaceful lives . Therefore , in some cities , cars are forbidden to blow whistles . In the end , we hope the world can be filled with more useful sounds and less harmful sounds .

  Reading Comprehension

  21. D 22. A 23. B 24. D 25. D 26. B 27. A 28. B 29. C 30. B 31. C 32. A 33. D 34. B 35. D 36. C 37. D 38. A 39. A 40. C

  Vocabulary and Structure

  41. C 42. A 43. A 44. B 45. B

  46. C 47.D 48. D 49. A 50. C

  51. C 52. D 53. B 54. B 55. B

  56. D 57. A 58. B 59. B 60. C

  61. C 62. A 63. B 64. D 65. C

  66. B 67. A 68. B 69. C 70. A


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